Delta Cooling systems prefabricated mortury cabinets are sold as either single or in multi door format and as its design is based on a modular format it can be readily adapted to match any particularly configuration or site constraint.


Pre-fabricated Mortury Cabinets

Pre-fabricated Mortury Cabinets

Delta Cooling Systems compact cabinets are complete with all internal components and fitted with slotted racking and full width pvc coated rollers enabling upto 4 tier storage. The racking allows simple ‘tool free’ roller adjustment and is an essential part of the design, the full width roller offers the the reassurance that the tray can’t fall when loading. Alternately if you wish to maximise the chilled space we offer a space efficient stub or axle roller option, these support each side of the tray and allow storage upto 5 tiers.

Variants allow for obese and bariatric doors, side loading units for smaller rooms and individual doors for ethnic separation.


The cooling plant we fit is supplied by a world class manufacturer to provide a fully functional cold storage facility. Available in several variants to meet any circumstance or site restriction this equipment is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The cabinet rooftop or wall mounted units offer best value for money, but we can install remote equipment where noise or heat can be a nuisance.


Our cabinet panels are finished in a ‘silver ion’ anti bacterial durable powder coated paint providing reassurance and protection against cross contamination. The panels are virtually sealant free due to an accurate manufacture process. The all round mechanical fasteners ensure tight joints when fully locked whilst providing a cabinet that can be disassembled in the future.


With a choice of finishes, trays and cooling plant this product meets the highest industry standard and will provide both reliability and longevity. We are confident that you will appreciate the benefits of this equipment and have extended our warranty accordingly.