Preventative maintenance saves you time and money, simple as that.

At Delta Cooling System Ltd We also offer diesel generator servicing for our Clients. Our trained engineers regularly visit your site to carry out a range of checks and filter and fluid replacements as and when necessary.

We check numerous aspects of your generator’s condition, including: fuel pipeline, lubrication, water and additive levels, belt tensions, safety system operation, wiring and connection conditions, filters, cooling system… the list goes on until we are sure your machine will continue running healthily. These checks last about an hour and can be arranged for off-peak production times to minimise disruption to your business.

With our comprehensive diesel generator servicing your machines will be cared for to ensure lifespan and efficiency are maintained. Preventative maintenance ensures that problems arising as the generator ages are diagnosed early and corrected before it effects your business.

We only use approved parts and fluids for the generators and their engines. But an approved part doesn’t have to cost the earth. Call our sales team to discuss your requirements.

For standby generators, we take our tests to another level with our Mobile Load Bank – the safest way to ensure your standby generator will be in peak condition when the time comes.

Other Services

As well as providing the highest quality diesel and biodiesel generators and generator maintenance, we also provide:

  • External fuel tanks to suit your requirements, fully compliant with East Africa environmental regulations
  • Generator repair – contracted maintenance or one-off repairs
  • Complete installation – including co-ordination with client team or external contractors
  • Commissioning services
  • Training in the safe use of our diesel generators
  • UPS servicing
  • Electricity usage monitoring